Remembering Julia Child

  • Today would have been the 100th birthday of chef extraordinaire Julia Child, who some of us remember from her cookbooks, some of us remember from her TV shows, and some of us just know from Julie & Julia. Today, in her memory, treat yourself to a little butter! [Bitch Magazine]
  • Florida politician Rep. Cliff Stearns, who has made it his mission to attack Planned Parenthood, lost the Republican primary in his district … to a veterarian … with no political experience. If that isn’t the constituents speaking loud and clear, I don’t know what is. [Mother Jones]
  • An abortion provider speaks out on what is really at stake this election season. [Feministing]
  • How can women gain influence in Hollywood? [New York Times]
  • Here’s a fun little dip into history: Renaissance women were much more feminist than you might have thought. [Science 2.0]
  • Ten examples of feminist manga that you can find in the United States. [The Mary Sue]
  • Russian police are cracking down on protestors who are out to support Pussy Riot, the feminist punk band that has been jailed for five months for speaking out publicly against President Vladimir Putin. [Guardian UK]
  • Women in Kashmir have been ordered by extremists to cover their bodies or risk being the victim of an acid attack. [New York Daily News]
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