“Downton Abbey” Season Three Trailer Leaks Online

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downton abbey season three trailer
"Downton Abbey"'s Season Three Trailer!

Quick! Watch the leaked “Downton Abbey” season three trailer! Before it gets yanked offline! In case it gets pulled before you can watch it, here’s quick sort of spoiler-y summary, after the jump!

Matthew is finally realizing that Mary is a huge pain in the ass. Robert is having money troubles. Cora’s mother is visiting from America. The Dowager Countess does not approve of America. Sybil’s chauffer husband has not been booted to the curb (yet) because he’s there chatting with Matthew. Bates is still in jail. Anna is still sad Bates is still in jail. And did I mention Matthew is finally realizing that Mary is a huge pain in the ass?

Downton Abbey: where everything changes, yet everything still stays the same. [BlackBook Mag]

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