Choupette Makes Her Modeling Debut Alongside Laetitia Casta In September’s “V”

Another day, another Choupette headline! Karl Lagerfeld’s famous feline is getting more press than the Kaiser himself these days, and with a face like that, who could complain? V is the latest magazine to feature the esteemed Siamese model, who has apparently signed with one of the world’s top agencies — and in her first-ever fashion spread, no less. The photo set, aptly titled “Glamour Puss,” was shot by Choupette’s dad, which may have something to do with why she appears so nonplussed, even as she’s clutched provocatively to French model Laetitia Casta’s bare chest. (There are admittedly a couple of images that make me feel a bit concerned for darling Choupette, but we shan’t go into that.)

By the way, Choupette isn’t the only pretty puss getting callbacks — her rise to glory coincides with a new regard for the species as a whole. Cathryn Long, an agent from All Creatures Great And Small who represents animals for work as actors and models, says that the demand for cats is sky-high, so much so that her bookings of cats for work in fashion alone have doubled over the past few years. Says Sarah Cristobal, one of the editors of V, “cats are back on the brain” among her fellow editors and fashion people alike. “[Their] personalities do match the fashion set — they’re beautiful and graceful but also kind of finicky.” I hope to god that this brings us one step closer to my ultimate utopian dream: an age of cats stealing the spotlight from human celebrities. I want cat scandals! I want to see them in dresses on the red carpet, tails teased, false lashes aflutter! Everything would just be so much better. [Buzzfeed]