“Married With Children”‘s Katey Sagal Trashes Ann Romney At Roseanne’s Roast

Roseanne Barr wasn’t the only lady in the hot seat on Sunday night’s Comedy Central roast: Mitt Romney’s wife Ann Romney also took a punch. It was delivered by Katey Sagal, the actress who played chronically disinterested mom Peg Bundy on “Married With Children.” Sagal quipped:

Roseanne, I feel honored that you and I broke new ground as TV moms who didn’t cook, didn’t clean, and didn’t make any money. In the ’90s that made you a bad mom, but today it makes you Mitt Romney’s wife.

It’s a clever joke, and as someone who appreciates what Roseanne has done for feminist, working-class comedy, I think it’s funny. But poking fun at  Ann Romney for being a stay-at-home mom leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Even if it’s an absurd joke — I doubt either Katey Sagal or Roseanne Barr seriously believe that a “good mom” is one who cooks and cleans like a 1950s’ housewives —  her quip is just going to end up as more kindling for the fires of the “mommy wars.” It’s a legitimate criticism to ask whether multi-millionaires like Mitt Romney and Ann Romney are the best representatives of a country in a recession. That, for example, is what Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen did when she appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360″ and criticized Ann Romney’s lack of paid employment.

But it’s not a legitimate criticism to drag whether she’s a “good” or “bad” mom into it, especially since it is a comment about being a stay-at-home mother, which is in turn a comment on class. I’m no Romney fan, but I don’t think that their family set-up with him working outside the home and her staying at home (even with help) should be fair game for scrutiny.  There isn’t one acceptable way to be a mother; wealthy mothers who can afford to stay at home are not naturally better at parenting than middle-class mothers who work, nor is the opposite true.

Alas, the election is still three months away. This won’t be the last we’ll be hearing of Ann Romney, I’m sure.

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