UPDATE: Be Still, My Heart: Scenes From The “West Wing Movie”!

Update, 10:25: There is no “West Wing” movie. Josh Malina is just an asshole who is toying with my heart. The cast reunited to film a PSA, possibly for Funny Or Die. So disappointed. [SPI]

Missing C.J. Cregg in your life? Me, too. Good to know then, that over the weekend, “West Wing” actor Josh Malina tweeted a pic of what appears to be Allison Janney (C.J.) and Bradley Whitford (Josh) working on a scene with the caption, “I can’t say what super-secret set I’m on, but it rhymes with Bwest Bwing Bmovie.” Another pic showed Richard Schiff (Toby) hustling around all-Toby-ishly and another pic appears to be Whitford getting a hug with the caption “This time it’s for real, people.”

I can sum up my reaction in one word: Yiiiiiiiiiii! I hope Malina does not get in trouble for his super-secret tweets. Creator Aaron Sorkin seems like he gives hard spankings. [Img.ly]