Saudi Arabia Plans “Women-Only” Cities

  • Saudi Arabia plans to build several all-female industrial cities as a way for 5,000 businesswomen to be “separate but equal” alongside the country’s men without needing to intermigle. The kingdom already has the biggest all-female college in the world, but now it is developing planned cities where only women will be allowed to work. Presumably women won’t be allowed to drive in these cities, either, although I suppose it will be difficult to enforce the law against traveling without a male guardian’s permission. What do you think of Saudi Arabia’s “women-only” cities idea? [Guardian UK, Guardian UK]
  • How would a Vice President Paul Ryan affect women, especially women’s health? [The Daily Beast, Think Progress, Democracy Now]
  • Women lost fewer jobs than men during the recession, but have been slower to find work. At last, that employment gap is equalizing. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how shit went down at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, where several leaders recently left their posts after that humungous funding kerfluffle involving Planned Parenthood. []
  • Sarah Palin will not have a speaking role at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. [Politico]
  • President Obama issued an executive order on Friday to create an interagency working group to respond to global violence against women and girls. []
  • Mary Gonzales of Texas has come out as the first pansexual legislator in the U.S. [Feministing]
  • MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow tweeted about all the hate mail she’s received “informing me that I am gay” IN ALL CAPS. I’m sure she needed to be reminded. [Queerty]
  • Check out Flyover Feminism, a new blog from feminists in the “flyover states.” [Flyover Feminism]


  • Meet 14-year-old Sahar Gul of Afghanistan, who was beaten and tortured for refusing to prostitute herself or have sex with the man she was forced to marry as a child bride. Last month, an appeals court upheld a 10-year prison sentences for her in-laws who hurt her and locked her in an windowless basement for months. [New York Times]
  • Japan’s women’s soccer team was upgraded to business class on their flight home from the Olympics after the country made headlines by booking them in coach and the men’s team in more luxurious travel accomodations. [BBC]
  • Irish boxer Katie Taylor has been criticized for telling a TV station that she won her gold medal because God was looking out for her during the Olympic Games to ensure she won. [Irish Central]
  • A pair of lesbians became Taiwan’s first-ever same-sex couple to have a gay Buddhist wedding in the country. [Queerty]
  • The editor of a newspaper is Morocco is fearing for his life after a fatwa was declared when he spoke out in support of premarital sex. [BBC]
  • Meet the new queens of noir: female crime authors. [Guardian UK]
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