Does Kate Middleton Hold Pippa Middleton To A Double Standard?

All right, you all know I’m a Pippa Middleton apologist. I feel for Pippa. I think she’s gotten the sh-t end of the scepter since Kate Middleton because Mrs. William Wales and the world’s golden girl. I know there are stories that she’s a social climber and trying to capitalize on her sister’s fame but I just don’t see it all the way out here in the middle of America so I don’t focus on that. What I will focus on is the fact that Kate’s brother, James Middleton,was just snapped with Hollywood D-lister and hot mess, Mischa Barton, and there’s no slap on the wrist. And it got me thinking. Do Kate Middleton and the royal family hold Princess Pippa to a higher standard? Read more…

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