This Woman Has A Rare Disease Which Makes Her Grow Fingernails Instead Of Hair

This is really scary. Memphis woman, Shayna Isom has a rare skin condition which causes her hair follicles to produce 10 times the normal amount of skin cells. So basically, that means that nails grow on her body wherever hair should be growing.

Her mystery illness, which she’s believed to be the only person in the world suffering from, began when she had an allergic reaction to steroids she was taking to treat her asthma. Shayna was forced to drop out of school. She lost her ability to walk without use of a cane, and her family soon found themselves thousands of dollars in debt trying to afford her medical care.

OK, don’t get all sad yet. You can do something. Shayna launched the S.A.I. foundation to raise funds for her treatment. Find out more about how to donate here.