“There Are No Feminists On My Team,” Says U.S. Women’s Basketball Coach

  • The U.S. women’s Olympic basketball team coach Geno Auriemma has said that “there are no feminists on my team … we’re not running around burning our bras trying to make people believe in our team.” I guess he is trying to say talent wins out above all?  But way to not understand feminism at all, dude. The reason the team you coach is allowed to play in the Olympics is because of women’s equality. [Blisstree]
  • …. nevertheless, NPR declares it the “Year Of The Woman” at the London Olympics. [NPR]
  • A woman who braids hair has won a federal lawsuit against the state of Utah over regulations that would have required her to get a cosmetology license. The state of Utah could not prove that hair braiders — who oftentimes are immigrant women for whom attaining a cosmetology license would be a struggle — were a threat to public health. [Seattle Times]
  •  A new web series spotlights the female victims of sex trafficking. [Essence]
  • A top commander who oversees basic training for the Air Force has been dismissed after a sex scandal at Lackland Air Force base in Texas resulted in the widespread sexual assault of female recruits. [Seattle Times]
  • Men spend money more impulsively and rack up more credit card debt when there are fewer women around, according to a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. [TIME]
  • Amanda Marcotte on how vibrators have officially gone mainstream. [The American Prospect]
  • The most poignant moments from feminist punk rock band Pussy Riot’s closing statements in a Moscow court. Earlier this week, Madonna spoke out in support of Pussy Riot, who were jailed for publicly criticizing the Russian president Vladimir Putin. [BuzzFeed]
  • Nepal has banned women under 30 from being migrant workers in the Persian Gulf out of concern for their safety. [CNN]
  • Over 900 nuns have gathered in St. Louis, Missouri, to discuss their response to the Vatican’s recent criticism that nuns were getting too radical. [New York Times]
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