Mississippi Museum Stops Being Douchebags, Allows Lesbian Couple To Hold Commitment Ceremony

  • A public Mississippi museum that refused to allow two lesbians to hold a commitment ceremony on its grounds has relented. The Mississippi Agriculture and Forest Museum in Jackson had a policy of discriminating against same sex copules, but since it is a public museum and there is no state law against it, the women will be allowed to rent the venue. Good for them! [Seattle Times]
  • Police in Florida (of course) “forcibly” pulled a tampon out of a woman during a strip search on the side of the road for, get this, rolling through a stop sign. Jesus. What is wrong with people? [Broward Palm Beach New Times]
  • Stressed out men prefer the bodies of heavier-set women, according to a new study. Or maybe men just prefer hips and boobs? That’s a possibility, too. [TIME]
  • An anime convention offered Ginny McQueen, a cosplay enthusiast, $200 to strip down to lingerie or pasties at an upcoming conference — despite the fact she is not a stripper or a burlesque performer of any kind. [Jezebel]
  • Two Republican Congressional candidates say they will not endorse the anti-abortion “personhood amendment,” which anti-abortion activists are trying to get on the ballot. “Personhood amendments” seek to criminalize all abortion, in vitro fertilization and some birth control by changing the legal definition of a “person” to be a fertilized egg. [Think Progress]
  • Brittany Wenger, age 17, has created an artificial “brain” that can correctly diagnose breast cancer 99 percent of the time. [PSFK]
  • How to respond as a black woman when someone disses your natural hair. [Essence]
  • Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to antibiotics. That’s why everyone gets tested and wears condoms, right? [NPR]
  • This transgender man has a tragic story about his breast cancer diagnosis which underscores the need for the medical community to be educated about trans health issues. [Queerty]
  • Why the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay would love “Starships” by Nicki Minaj. Okay, I’m listening … [Bitch Magazine]
  • A Russian politician called Madonna a “slut” for speaking out against censorship at her recent Moscow concert in light of Pussy Riot’s incarceration. This is just further proof of the sexist fact that if a woman stands up for what she believes in it is fair game to attack her sexuality. [Guardian UK]
  • A Spanish-language television show called “José Luis Sin Censura,”  known for using bigoted language against gays, has been cancelled. [Advocate]
  • Meet Sarah Attar, Saudi Arabia’s first female track Olympian. [NPR]
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