Lucky Magazine Set To Become An Even Bigger Drain On Your Credit Card

I guess the “want” stickers in the front of the magazine just weren’t cutting it anymore — on August 17th, Lucky will launch, the shopping and style glossy’s first foray into the world of e-commerce. By offering a selection of items from various retailers curated by the mag’s editors all in one hot spot, the retail source aspires to fill not only a void in the market, but also the void in your soul where human intimacy should be but conspicuously is not. Good plan!

The Condé Nast publication has produced its first ad campaign in 12 years to generate fanfare for the forthcoming site, with such lovably irreverent copy as, “My 5-day cleanse is only on day 2. FILL THE VOID.” Some consumers may find the suggestion that the agony of your first-world-problems can be assuaged by an online shopping session to be in poor taste, but those people have obviously never experienced the sense of euphoria that immediately follows a bottle of wine and a binge-buying spree … especially one endorsed by Jean Godfrey-June. After all, fashion magazines are inherently consumer-driven — Lucky just happens to be a little bit more upfront about it. [NY Mag]