Gay Couple Forced To Leave US Will Appear On “House Hunters International”

For all my issues with “House Hunters International” (namely that most of the people featured on it are entitled assholes), I am still an avid fan of the show and watch it every chance I get. The vast majority of episodes feature rich, white, heterosexual retired couples looking for a luxury condo in a beachfront gated community, but apparently this coming Monday, the House Hunters will have a much more interesting–and tragic–backstory.

Here’s the synopsis from the HGTV episode guide:

Ivan and Devin built a life together in DC: they worked jobs they loved, shared their home with their beloved dog and exchanged wedding vows. But when Ivan’s work visa expired, he had no other choice but to head back to his native Bogota, Colombia with his American husband, Devin, and their dog, Danger.

While it’s not explicitly stated, we can safely assume that Ivan and Devin are being forced out of the country due to the Defense of Marriage Act, which nullifies same-sex marriage at the federal level and prohibits citizens in same-sex unions to sponsor their spouse for a green card. A heterosexual couple in the same situation would be cruising toward happily ever after; Devin and Ivan must pack up and relocate to Colombia in order to stay together. This is the sad and unjust reality of anti-LGBT legislation.

It will be interesting to see how this situation is portrayed on “House Hunters International.” In the past, the show has handled same-sex couple storylines with varying degrees of success (I’ve seen a few awkward episodes where a couple is labeled as “business partners” who just happen to be buying a home together). I’m guessing there won’t be much talk of the politics behind the move, but at least HGTV is being up front about Ivan and Devin’s marital status and the fact that the move isn’t a voluntary one.

I’ll definitely be tuning in to see how this story pans out.

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