Makeup Tutorials By Cancer Patient Talia Joy Castellano, 12, Are Both Heartbreaking And Inspiring

Talia Joy Castellano has makeup chops far beyond her years. The 12-year-old has over 100,000 YouTube subscribers for a reason: she’s exceptionally good at doing her face, and her clever, vivacious onscreen personality makes her step-by-step tutorials a pleasure to watch. If not for her baldness, one would never guess that Talia carries an immense and unfathomable weight that nobody, let alone a child, should have to experience.

Since 2007, Talia has suffered from neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer that develops from nerve tissue. Her videos of face-painting and product hauls are incredible in the tenacity and positive energy she exudes, and though she touches upon her illness and her love of using makeup as a “wig” to instill confidence in herself and draw attention away from her bald head, it hasn’t been the focus of her Youtube channel up until now. Last night, Talia announced in a vlog that she has been recently diagnosed with pre-leukemia in addition to her existing condition.

“There aren’t really any options for treatment anymore,” she confided in her viewers. Talia’s doctors want her to undergo a bone marrow transplant, but they told her that of all the procedures she’s already endured, it would be the most difficult yet. She tells us of the decision to go through with the treatment, “I’m leaning towards not doing it.” As Talia weighs her options and awaits the next step, she says on the Facebook page devoted to her journey, “I’m tired of doing shit to my body, my friends, family, neighbors, pets… I will enjoy every minute I have with the world. Docs said maybe a couple months to up to a year left of precious life … doesn’t mean I ain’t scared as fu**. I love you guys.”

[Angels For Talia]