Dancer Fleeces Old Man Out Of NYC Apartment

In every life, a little rain must fall. For one 73-year-old man, this came from the cold, hard realization that it was not a good idea to buy his 27-year-old girlfriend a $775,000 apartment after knowing her for only 10 months.

Italian theater director Antonio Calenda, who is 73, which is GRANDPA OLD, met a Martha Graham dancer named Natasha Diamond-Walker (above), who is 27, which is FIRST-GENERATION FACEBOOK young, while working on a show in Italy. “He gave her expensive gifts,” says Gothamist. And then he brought her a one-bedroom doorman apartment on New York City’s pricy Upper West Side for $775,000. She verbally promised to pay him back. Update: Commenter TheFriskyPixie has correctly pointed out that, according to the New York Daily News, Calenda and Diamond-Walker had a written agreement that she would begin pay him back beginning in December 2018.

Then, in a plot twist anyone who is not a septugenarian porking a 27-year-old could have seen coming, Diamond-Walker broke up with him.

Calenda has now taken her to court: he wants his money repaid or to have the loan declared a mortgage. I would hate to have to be the lawyer who tells him he is shit out of luck on that “verbal promise.” That’s why you get everything in writing, y’all. Say what you will about sugar daddy hookup websites, but at least on those things everyone very clearly knows what they are getting into.

But it is has me thinking. I, too, would love to live in the fancy UWS neighborhood beloved by Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Yoko Ono, and Lady Gaga’s parents. Not enough to deceive a little old Italian man out of nearly $1 million dollars, perhaps. But people will do some shady shit for good real estate. What would you do?


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[Photo: MySpace/NYDaily News]