By “Don’t Do Drugs” I Really Meant “Just Don’t Emblazon Them On Tote Bags”

There’s a strong chance that I’m speaking (a couple of years) too soon, but I think we may have finally reached a point in society wherein smoking, ingesting, or otherwise making use of the good leaf doesn’t carry nearly the same stigma as, say, snorting a line of cocaine. As far as substances go, pot is relatively harmless, and by relatively I mean almost entirely. It may not exactly be conducive to productivity and acting as a contributing member of society, but you never — never! — hear of anyone dying or becoming ill from marijuana use or overuse (provided that it is, in fact, marijuana and not that K2 “spice” shit Demi Moore was caught smoking on). Besides the obvious detriment of smoking anything, weed used in a sensible manner has no side effects aside from OD’ing on snacks and “Workaholics” marathons (source: a series of credible clinical trials).

You can see where I stand on the issue, but with all of that said, I’m not about broadcasting whatever possibly damning, definitely illegal activities I might choose to partake in. People who smoke pot and are all, “420, man! Bong rips, bro!” about it agitate me just as much as tee-totalers who think the devil’s weed and all of its users should go directly to hell or jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. So when the (lovely and usually very reliable, don’t get me wrong!) people at style hotspot Refinery29 declared that Portland-based Etsy seller Beastly Luck was “paving the way for nicely dressed marijuana enthusiasts with chic canvas totes emblazoned with a subtle nod to the 420 lifestyle,” I declared that no self-respecting nicely dressed marijuana enthusiast would ever go around advertising their drug of choice in such a blatant manner. (In fact, you’ll find that some of us are even inconspicuous enough to carry the season’s latest It bag. We’re everywhere! We walk among you!) If you’re going to do that, you might as well be the white guy with dreads and a Rasta keychain. Just say no! [Refinery29]