Skylar Stands Up To Walt On “Breaking Bad”

“Breaking Bad” is one of my favorite TV shows, like, ever, but I rarely blog about it because it usually takes me a couple days to process all the intricacies of each episode. However, last night’s episode featured such a fantastic scene between Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his wife Skylar (Anna Gunn) that I couldn’t resist posting it. Spoilers after the jump!

Last week, Skylar suffered a total breakdown, thanks to the stress of her continued involvement in laundering Walt’s meth money, the failed hit she put out on former lover Ted, and the agony of being married to a guy who’s basically gone full Heisenberg. Well, in last night’s episode, that breakdown continued, though in a more calculated fashion: Skylar started to feign an increased level of insanity in hopes of getting her and Walt’s kids out of their house and the dangerous environment he, and now she, has created. In the scene above, she finally goes toe-to-toe with Walt in a way that had me cheering. I’m usually not Skylar’s biggest fan, but Anna Gunn’s performance completely floored me. Make that Emmy yours, girl.