Female Reporters Are Jealous Of Ann Romney Because They Want A Pony, Too!

“You’re just jealous!”

It’s not just a playground taunt for 5th grade girls anymore. It’s also Fox News contributer Liz Trotta’s eye-roll-inducing comment on why female reporters — just female reporters, mind you, because a male reporter has never once written anything about the Romney family’s wealth, ever — have it out for Ann Romney. All reporters are Democrats, duh, or as Trotta calls them, “Barack Obama’s political operatives.” And they have their “knives out” for Ann Romney because they are “driven by envy … of a woman who managed to do exactly what their mothers told them, although they would never admit it: marry a good, preferably rich man; raise your children full time and dress like a lady.”

Now, this sexist, catfight-inciting, pot-stirring nonsense is par for the course for Liz Trotta. She is the same woman who, while discussing the integration of women into more military combat positions, said female soldiers should “expect” to be raped (the implication being that ladies do not belong around all that testosterone that men cannot control).

But while her soldiers-should-expect-to-get-raped comments were offensive to our men in uniform, her comments on female reporters are almost funny for how juvenile they are. (You can watch the video here.) Apparently female reporters — again, only female reporters, because men never report on politics — have it out for Ann Romney because they are so jealous that they cannot have an expensive clothes and a horse competing in the Olympics. Any substantive criticism of whether the Romneys might be out of touch with the average American struggling to pay the bills couldn’t possibly be legitimate. We all just want a pony!

Obviously Trotta’s comments are meant to try and revive the brouhaha from last April when Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said on “Anderson Cooper 360″ that Ann Romney was not a good liasion to discuss economic issues affecting women (“My wife … reports to me regularly that the issue women care about most is the economy,” Romney told a group of newspaper editors, according to The Washington Post) because she has “never worked a day in her life … She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing.” Everyone lost their shit because they thought Rosen was implying that being a stay-at-home mother of five boys was not work. But what Rosen clarified was that the wife of a multi-millionaire chose to stay home, which is a luxury not available to a broad swath of American women with whom she is supposed to relate to and connect with on economic issues.  That’s a fair observation that Trotta is now using vis-a-vis this Olympic horse stuff to twist into “class warfare” … and the “mommy wars.”

Also, I haven’t read too much criticism about Ann Romney’s wealth/clothes/lifestyle that I haven’t already read about First Lady Michelle Obama. Fashion magazines and blogs might fawn over the First Lady’s fancy clothes because that’s what fashion magazines and blogs do. But political commentators have certainly not been silent about whether Michelle Obama is making gaffes by dressing in designer clothing. Google the words “Michelle Obama Marie Antoinette” if you don’t believe me.

One more thing, Liz Trotta. Methinks lady reporters don’t give a shit about Ann Romney’s horse at the Olympics when they have thisthis and this demanding their attention. Just sayin’.

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