Your Vagina And Your Bicycle: What You Need To Know

Eek! Bicycle riding ladies, the Journal of Sexual Medicine has published a study about the bad things a bicycle can do to a vagina. According to researchers at Yale, competitive female cyclists who had their handle bars lower than their bike seat experienced “significantly higher vibratory thresholds in the anterior vagina, compared with riders whose handlebars were level with the bike saddle.” Translation: they lost sensation in parts of their vaginas!

Because low handlebars force you to lean forward, increasing the tilt of your pelvis and putting more pressure on the genitals, it is a dangerous position to ride in, albeit more aerodynamic. Overall conclusion: Low handlebars “yield detrimental effects to the female pelvic floor,” but higher handlebars may increase the riders’ wind resistance and reduce their speed. Well, that’s fine by me. I’m no competitive cyclist, but “I like the way the world looks from a bicycle.” Yes, that was a “Singles” reference. I couldn’t help myself. What I’m trying to say is this: I ride my bike often enough to take its possible effects on my genital region seriously. I will happily raise my handlebars way up if it means protecting my vagina, thank you very much. [Med Page Today]