Style Stealer: Lana Del Rey Is Off To The Races In This Laidback Look

Lana del Rey ranks pretty high on my list as far as seriously questionable celebrities go — is she legitimately talented or the fortunate byproduct of an “image makeover” and a powerhouse PR team? Chances are we will never know, but it’s whatever because I kind of enjoy her. I like her makeup and her music makes me feel sassy and light-hearted, which is a rarity for moody, tempestuous me! I also like her clothes, but only sometimes. This is one of those times: an embroidered off-white skirt is sweet and girly, but paired with a comfortable cropped sweater borrowed from the boys (literally — snag a V-neck in a youth XL or 14 for the perfect abbreviated length) and an easy pair of flats, the whole look takes on new sporty dimensions. No matter your opinion of Lana, you’ve got to commend her for her style savoir-faire — you can get the deets after the jump.

Skirt: $68, Free People
Sweater: $138, J. Crew
Corinette: $80, Aldo