Face-Off: Kristin Kreuk Vs. VS Angels In Battle Of The Babes

It’s gotta be hard out here for a Victoria’s Secret Angel, having to stay so damn sexy all the time. I, for one, could never pull it off, especially when you consider that things like ice cream cake and Tate’s cookies exist. Regardless (now I’m all thinking about food and stuff), the Angels have a hallmark beauty look that consists of some pretty basic elements, advertised here by Candice Swanepoel and Bregje Heinen: undone center-parted sex hair (somebody please tell me those manes are extensions and not real, beautiful luscious strands that humans can actually possess), flushed, dewy skin, natural lips, and defined eyes that wing out slightly.

This brings me to our second subject, Kristin Kreuk. There’s a good chance you recognize her from her starring role in “Smallville” (alongside that equally stunning Tom Welling, I wonder what became of him?), but the actress has kept things pretty low-key for the past few years. I always liked Kristin, so it makes me happy to know that we’ll be seeing her as the titular Beauty in CBS’ interpretation of “Beauty and the Beast.” It’s not hard to see why: half Dutch, half Chinese, Kristin has the creamy complexion and almond-shaped eyes that I, and some of the VS Angels, pile on the makeup to achieve.

I see a lot of similarities between these two sultry looks, but I also see a significant difference in that, while the allure of the Angels is very carefully fabricated and maintained, Kristin probably wouldn’t look all that worse for the wear if you happened to run into her on the street. Which do you prefer: the trademark pseudo-natural, romp-in-the-mud VS sensuality, or Kristin’s more laid-back, rolled-out-of-bed sex appeal?

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