To Hell With “Plus Size,” It’s All About “Your Size”

Step aside, Victoria’s Secret Angels: the gorgeous — and I mean gorgeous — Robyn Lawley is about to make some size-14 waves in the lingerie circuit. She’s the new face of Boux Avenue, a major chain of lingerie stores based in the UK, which is particularly refreshing and awesome in that it doesn’t define itself as being a “plus-size” or “straight-sized” brand. They encourage total inclusivity and provide their offerings “for everybody, no matter what your age, size, or style,” which really speaks to me considering I stopped shopping at Victoria’s Secret when I was, like, 14 because my boobs had outgrown their Dorito-sized offerings. “Sorry, you’ll have to go online for that,” they told me. Nah, I’ll probably just go home because now I’m hungry for Doritos.

Anyway, I’ve been a fan of Robyn since I spotted her on the cover of Vogue Italia last year, and she has the type of body and totally infectious sex appeal that inspires me to stop feeling like an insecure sorry-ass, and put on the damn lace panties already. I could never, ever argue with that. [The Gloss]