Gay Couple’s Engagement Photos Turned Into A Political Attack Ad

New Jersey couple Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere were married in 2010, and at their engagement party, photographer Kristina Hill captured a tender moment between the two with the stunning New York City skyline as a backdrop. The photo was placed on Edwards’ personal blog and the couple thought nothing of it until almost two years later, when the image suddenly and shockingly turned up halfway across the country in a political ad attacking gay unions.

The ad, which ran in Colorado, featured the same picture of the couple. The only difference? The New York City skyline had been photoshopped out and a snowy forest replaced it. The mailer read “State Senator Jean White’s Idea Of Family Values?” and was sponsored by the Public Advocate For The United States who describe themselves as “a dedicated young group of conservatives.”  State Senator Jean White, a Republican who supported civil union legislation, later lost the primary.

Edwards and Privitere, along with Hill, are currently threatening to sue the organization and its President, Eugene Delgaudio, if they do not stop using the photo in unapproved advertisements. They have the support of the Southern Poverty Law Center in combating the organization, who is currently on the Center’s hate groups list.

No matter what the outcome of any pending lawsuit, I can only imagine how it must feel to have a moment of such love and happiness taken out of context and used as an attack on you and people who support you and your relationship. I hope that Edwards and Privitere can reclaim this photo and its happy memories. [Equally Wed]