TLC One-Ups “16 And Pregnant” With “My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I”

Pregnancy. Something mothers and daughters should experience together or … not so much? We find out all the unique issues of mother/daughter co-pregnancy on TLC’s new show “My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I” (which I’ve dubbed “Tears at the Sonogram”) that premiered last night.

Things don’t seem to be going so well for Melissa and her teenage daughter Kristen, one of the preggo mother/daughter duos featured on the episode. “Me and my mom don’t really talk about our pregnancies,” says teenage daughter Kirsten. “She’ll talk about hers, but I won’t talk about mine because I know she’s still not over the fact that I am pregnant.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound very fun. If only Bristol Palin had gotten knocked up just a little bit sooner, this could have been the premise of her reality show. And then we wouldn’t have had to sit through episodes of “Life’s A Tripp.”