Pervy Pastor Photographed Himself With A Teen Girl, Had Sex With Her

What would Jesus do? Not photograph himself making out with a teenage girl almost 40 years younger than him, that’s for sure.

Megachurch pastor Jack Schaap from First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, took cell phone photos of himself making out with a 17-year-old girl who is a member of his congregation. Last night, churchgoers learned that Schaap had had sex with the girl when she was 16.  

The sexual relationship was discovered when Schaap left his cell phone behind and someone picked it up to bring it to him when a text message arrived from a teen girl at the church. The text message included a photo of the two making out.

The only thing remotely funny about this is that Schaap, who is married, has written at least two Christian-based relationship advice books.

Schaap was fired from the church on Tuesday, which he led for 11 years. A news article on the site says the church does not expect any charges to be filed against Schaap, as 16 is the age of consent in Indiana. That may make their sexual relationship legally sound, but certainly doesn’t make it defensible to me.

And in any case, a question looms: was it just this one girl? Or were there others?

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