Jessica Chastain, Duchess Kate, And Many More Make The Annual Best Dressed List In “Vanity Fair”

Vanity Fair releases its Best Dressed list annually in the September issue, and each year the results are less surprising than they are, well, wholly expected. It’s the typical Hollywood-meets-high society fodder: nubile French starlets, rap moguls, heiresses, oil magnates, real estate tycoons, athletes, and royalty regularly monopolize the coveted ranks without so much as batting a diamond-studded, private jet-flying eye. Really, nobody who makes the list particularly cares whether or not they make it, because they don’t have to. As for the top spot, well, that goes to Kate Middleton this time around — is there anything more predictable?

For a list that at times reads more like a Who’s Who of the wealthiest, best-looking, and most noteworthy name recognition rather than an actual tribute to individualistic style, there’s one person who I imagine feels really, genuinely good about her first time appearing in the illustrious head count. It also just so happens that she’s fortunate enough to share dibs with Kate on the dueling covers: actress Jessica Chastain came in at number two, and while her red-carpet choices are invariably hit-or-miss, I’m still pleased to see a star as low-key and unpretentious as the “Tree of Life” star nabbing one of the top honors.

Other deserved places include Diane Kruger and, um, Diane Kruger. As for the rest, let’s just say that cronyism is alive and well, though we’ve cast it aside in favor of the much trendier nepotism as of late. You can check out the rest of the Best Dressed here. [Vanity Fair]