Brock McRock Shreds His Heart Out In The Air Guitar Regional Championships

During my freshman year of college at the University of California Santa Cruz, I lived on campus. My dorm surrounded a beautiful open quad, with the picturesque ocean visible from my fourth floor window. But on weekend mornings, there was something else that caught my attention. The sound of Slayer or Metallica or some other metal band blasting while a long-haired fellow named Joe — a guy in his 30s who finally got the opportunity to go to college after being homeless in his 20s — played air guitar for an audience of no one. At the time, I thought he was crazy. But now I realize he was a genius before his time and I sure hope he one day competes in the Air Guitar Regional Championship in Los Angeles, because honestly? Dude would give Brock McRock, a rising star on the air guitar scene, a run for his money. Watch Brock shred his way from his home in Texas to the Troubador stage in Los Angeles in the video from Bing above! [US Air Guitar]

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