HAHAHA: Prankster Gets Pitbull Exiled To Alaska

Our hats are off to Something Awful writer David Thorpe, the genius who had the forethought, dedication and passion to orchestrate a major prank against reggaeton/rapper dude Pitbull. A few months back, Pitbull launched a contest in conjunction with Walmart wherein fans voted to get a free Pitbull concert at their local Walmart. In response, Thorpe began an #ExilePitbull hashtag campaign on Twitter. He urged voters to send Pitbull to a remote Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska, and the Kodiak location received more than 60,000 likes, handily defeating the competition. Thorpe won! Well, sort of.

Pitbull then paid for Thorpe to come with him to Alaska, and didn’t even try to beat him up. The people of Kodiak enjoyed a Pitbull performance, and gifted him with a “Kodiak Survival Guide,” containing bear repellent and rubber boots.  “Pitbull was very cool and unflappable,” said Thorpe. “I didn’t get to speak to him too much, but his entourage spoke very highly of him.” Aw, Pitbull, I guess you can come back then. [Buzzfeed]