Did This German Dignitary Use A Nazi Salute At The Olympic Opening Ceremony?

This is a picture of an unidentified German dignitary greeting his country’s athletes during the Olympic opening ceremony this past weekend. “Tell me that guy wasn’t doing a Nazi salute when the German team came out,” tweeted BBC broadcaster, Richard Gordon. Whether it was a a left-handed Nazi salute (typically done with the right hand during Hitler’s Third Reich) or an antiquated form of the right-arm Olympic wave, onlookers such as Mayor Boris Johnson and Camila Parker-Bowles certainly noticed. The rest of the world noticed as well. It’s hard to interpret the man’s intentions as the video of his “greeting” has been removed from YouTube by the International Olympic Committee. If he was, in fact, attempting a Nazi salute, he may face charges in Germany where the gesture is a criminal offense.

Did anyone else catch this possible gaffe? What was your take? [ONTD]