Choupette Flies In The Cockpit, Loves “Looking At The Sky”

It’s been nearly a month since we heard new and glamorous details about the life of Choupette, a “famous beauty” who is Karl Lagerfeld’s kitten. Herr Karl spoke with the Independent UK and revealed more details about his finicky princess. Much like Karl himself (I imagine), Choupette is “moody,” he says. “Choupette waits for me at the front door. She doesn’t like being alone.” How she manages to be alone with three maids tending to her needs, I don’t know. Choupette also goes to the vet every 10 days for checkups but the maids bring her because Karl “doesn’t want her to be furious at me.”

When Choupette isn’t at the vet or being tended to by her maids, she travels with Karl — via private jet, of course. This sassy Siamese rides “in the cockpit, with the pilot, she loves looking at the sky.” One place Choupette will not be flying? To work. This kitten does not get out of bed for anything less than $100,000 a day — you hear that, Fancy Feast?  “She has become the most famous cat in the world,” Karl said. “I even get propositioned by pet food companies and things like that but it’s out of the question. I’m commercial. She’s not.”

Karl added, “She’s spoiled to death. Obviously.”


[Independent UK via Fashionista]

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