Today In WTF: WSJ Columnist Wonders If Women Saved By Their Boyfriends In Aurora Were “Worthy Of The Sacrifice”

Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto thought it appropriate to question via Twitter if the three women who were reportedly saved by their boyfriends in last week’s “Dark Knight Rises” shooting in Aurora, CO, were “worthy” of the three men’s sacrifice. Samantha Yowler, Jansen Young and Amanda Lindgren’s boyfriends all died protecting them from James Holmes’ gunfire. Taranto’s tweet is shockingly flippant, at best, and as Gawker points out, misses the fact that “selfless personal sacrifice doesn’t occur within a rigorous cost-benefit analysis.” Also, why is Taranto specifically questioning the worthiness of women whose lives were saved by the men who cared for and loved them? Everything about this tweet — which Taranto later smugly described as “challenging” — is just gross. [Twitter via Gawker]