Should Heidi Klum Get Her “Responsible Mom” Card Revoked For Letting Her Girls Wear Lipstick?

Growing up, I was never given any restrictions regarding whether or not I could wear makeup, or how much makeup I was allowed to wear. My parents, who are admittedly pretty laissez faire by most standards, are also the type to choose their battles, and what I put on my face was just not one of them. I expressed interest in products from a hilariously young age — home videos show me at five talking extensively about my mother’s fancy body wash like a regular Suri Cruise — and for all but a few grease-filled tweenage years, I’ve been beauty-crazed ever since. That’s why I find it so difficult to fathom why mothers, particularly those under the relentless and unforgiving eye of the media spotlight, receive so much flack for letting their young daughters wear a little bit of makeup.

As you can see, Heidi Klum is the next candidate to be thrown to the You’re A Shitty Mom wolves for this very same reason. If she had held her girls down and forced them to wear red lipstick, well, that would be a problem, but the fact is that many girls around their respective ages (Lou is two, Leni is eight) are fascinated by the stuff and actively want to try it. They see Mommy putting it on, why can’t they? I recently spent some time with my three-year-old cousin who watched me, transfixed, as I applied lipstick, and then could not go on without putting some on for herself. I was hesitant (obviously, not my child), but with her mother’s permission I relented. She looked adorable, and she was so happy to be wearing it.

In many ways, the application of makeup is a female ritual and rite of passage — naturally, not taking part in it is one’s own choice, but these little girls are probably thrilled to be wearing the lipstick with their mom. I think the three of them, sporting the same shade of red, are so cute. This photo actually kind of warms my icy, icy heart.

Are you with me and Heidi on this “issue,” or would you send your daughter straight to the convent if she requested a dab from the tube?