Marmosets, Horse Hooves & More: All The Random Bits Of Trivia We Know

According to the wise words of pick-up artist Mystery, the best way to start talking to someone new is to throw a really weird piece of trivia at them and wow them with your offbeat charm. This has personally never worked for me or on me, because dudes who create strange avatars and wear “funky” velvet top hats are generally wildly repulsive, but even so — I love me some random trivia. And actually, my brain is mostly full of the stuff — like, I basically don’t have any practical knowledge, and instead just have a magical array of little factlets that I use to sound like I know more than I actually do. Like for instance, did you know that marmosets have two scent glands in their tails? Because they do. And also? The equestrian statues dedicated to the battle of Gettysburg — that is, statues where some old dead dude is sitting prostrate on a horse — are coded to let you know how the rider died. So like, all four hooves on the ground? That means the person died of natural causes. Front hoof raised means the person was wounded in battle but survived. And two hooves up? That means the person died in battle.

Really important stuff, right? And yet, it’s the stuff that’s filling up my brain space.

And I’m not the only one! We all have some random tidbit of trivia that are swimming around, taking up valuable thought bubble space. After the jump, The Frisky’s best pieces of trivia — that you’re welcome to steal as your own! And feel free to share your favorite trivia in the comments!


Your nose and ears never stop growing. (This freaks me out so bad.)
Pigs can be taught to play videogames. (This doesn’t freak me out at all.)
Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin attached to his shoulder.


Lobsters mate for life which caused me to refer to the guy I had limerance for in college as my “Love Lobster.”
You can get herpes of the eye which I know because I got it once.
Chopsticks don’t exist in Thai culture.


Cats catalog smells in the roofs of their mouths in something called a Jacobson’s organ. (Why do I know shit about cats?)