Why Are Feminists And Gay Rights Activists Boycotting Hyatt Hotels?

Feminist groups have joined together to fight for the rights of thousands of workers within Hyatt hotels. Organizations including the National Organization for Women, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Black Justice Center and Christian and Jewish labor groups have formed a global boycott campaign at a conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday.

So, what’s behind the boycott? Here are some of the unbelievable incidences occurring beyond the Hyatt’s doors…

  • Housekeepers at the Hyatt have reported sexual and racial harassment. A notable incident occurred when the Reyes sisters had their faces pasted onto an image of bikini-clad women. After they protested the incident, they were fired.
  • Contract workers at the hotel are expected to clean 30 rooms in an eight-hour shift! Also, the tools needed for better cleaning performance are not being equipped.
  • The Hyatt is being charged over $100,000 in OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) violations.
  • The Hyatt has tried to intimidate workers, for example, by shining heat lamps at protesters in Chicago during a heat wave when they tried to get involved in unions.
  • Getting time off is not an option at the Hyatt. One woman was ordered to return to her dishwashing job only three days after getting a C-section. THREE DAYS!

If you’re wondering why the National Gay and Lesbian Task Forceis getting involved, it’s because “there are many LGBT people that work in the hospitality industry…[and] housekeepers are almost exclusively women,” a Unite Here spokesperson told Huffington Post.

If the Hyatt begins to take action and changes its policies and procedures, I hope other hotels with similar issues throughout the U.S. will follow suit!

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