Truly “Miss Advised”: Prom Dates, Awkward Breakups, A Boring Dinner Party & 10 Million Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

Oh. holy shit, where to begin. “Miss Advised,” the show about two mentally unstable shitbirds and one relatively cool chick who is probably wondering how she got roped into this mess. Well, I missed recapping last week’s episode because of our malware disaster and also I couldn’t make clips of the show because the sound was missing from our clip-making service, blah blah, Mercury Retrograde, blah blah. But I am back, bitches, with a double recap. Because I love you. And also the crazy from last week’s episode and this week’s was too epic to ignore. Shall we begin?

Last but not least, the three “Miss Advised” ladies were on “Watch What Happens Live” last night. Julia looks like she got a fresh round of Botox, but she had the courtesy of tweeting me last night to deny that. Then she said she probably needs it to which I replied, “No one needs Botox.” That’s what bangs are for! Anyway, the best moment on WWHL was when Julia was asked to explain how she went about asking JellyD on the prom date and she bellowed/brayed “PROMMMMM!” Andy Cohen, are you regretting this shitshow yet?

UPDATE: Look at what I just got in the mail!