Helmut Red Is An Oh-So-Appropriate Tribute To A Legend

Helmut Newton is inarguably one of the most prolific fashion photographers in history. His body of work, which during his life was a mainstay in high-end publications like Vogue Paris and Harper’s Bazaar, is instantly recognizable world-over. Nudity, overt sexualization, and erotic fetishistic subtexts stylized expressively in black and white are the hallmarks of a Helmut shot.

In homage to the artist, whose legacy persists as an indelible presence in the oft-colliding worlds of fine art and fashion, House of Exposure founder Periel Aschenbrand sought out lipstick queen Poppy King and model-muse (and one-time Angelina Jolie squeeze) Jenny Shimizu to make Helmut Red a reality. The three worked together to create an opaque blue-red, with a luxuriously moisturizing formula and glossy sheen, inspired by the carnal nature of Newton’s provocative oeuvre. Drawn particularly from a scarlet-tinged photo of Jerry Hall (indeed, she of the omnipresent red lips) the versatile limited-edition color is perfectly suited to any complexion. It’s bound to make a philanthropist out of you, too: a portion of the proceeds go to charities dedicated to providing young girls and women with access to education. Oh, and for the Manhattanites — keep an eye out for the guerrilla ads starring Shimizu downtown. [$25, House of Exposure]