Company Tweets Baby Bottles Will Help “Reclaim Your Wife”

Breasts. You may have heard of their alternate use as feeding mechanisms for tiny offspring. You may also have heard of their function in women’s sexual pleasure. But let us not forget the real purpose of a lady’s chesticles: sexual pleasure for her husband.

And all that time a new mama spends nursing? That’s time her hubby isn’t playing with his boobs.

Thus seems to be the logic behind baby bottle manufacturer Bittylab’s recent tweets advertising their product, called Bare, which read “New baby? Reclaim your wife” and “Feeling like you’re competing with your newborn for mommy’s attention? Meet BARE air-free #babybottles.”

No one would deny new parents often suffer from lack of sex (and sleep) following the birth of a child. No one would deny, either, that breastfeeding presents a temporary impediment to the pre-baby sexytimes a couple would have with a woman’s breasts. (But with the right fetish, it doesn’t have to be an impediment!) And of course a baby bottle company wants to find “problems” for you to “solve” by selling you baby bottles.

But nowhere is it necessary to conflate these three issues. A woman’s breasts are not something her husband has to “reclaim” and “compet[e]” for — and that’s to say nothing of the fact that the use of the word “reclaim” implies those fun bags were his to begin with. Here’s a thought: maybe mommy wants to stop nursing and use baby bottles because she wants to stop nursing.

After bloggers like The Feminist Breeder and breastfeeding advocates drew attention to tweets, Bittylab apologized over Facebook. Here’s their apology:

Ladies, We’re really sorry about the twitter campaign run last week. It was a huge miss understood [sic] and resulted in offensive messages. It was taken down yesterday. The messages had nothing to do with putting a husband needs before the baby’s needs, it was more about having a little extra time for the rest of the family. Obviously the whole campaign was poorly executed. We apologize deeply for this miss understanding [sic] and assure you, from now on the campaigns will be closely monitored before they go out. Thank you for a second chance.

I’m not sure why they think we would believe that “reclaim your wife” was supposed to be read as “having a little extra time for the rest of the family.” But then again, these folks don’t seem so hot on the messaging front. Still, as far as apologies go, this one is better than the usual I’m-sorry-you-were-offended non-apology. I do wish Bittylab had not addressed their apology just to “ladies,” though; there are husbands/partners who were offended by such tweets, including some who’ve spoken out in the comments on Bittylab’s apology.

Ultimately, I hope getting called out isn’t just an “oops, sorry” moment but an opportunity for whoever is responsible for the tweets to check their sexism.

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