I Got My Eyebrows Threaded And I’m Never Plucking Again

Ladies, welcome to the future. The future is eyebrow threading. It’s not new — in fact it’s an old, old tradition — but threading has usurped plucking as the way to get rid of unwanted hair. At least in my book.

I had my first threading appointment yesterday with Hibba Kapil of the threading salon Hibba NYC. Threading basically involves using a piece of thread to pluck out unwanted hairs. The advantage of threading over, say, waxing, is that it can be a lot more precise. Where waxing takes out clumps of hair at a time, threading allows the esthetician much more control over which and how much hair is removed.

Kapil first started threading when she was 14, and learned the technique from an older relative. “If you’ve got an Indian person in your family, they’re probably going to know about threading,” she jokes. Threading is typically used to remove hair above the neck, though Kapil said she once used threading to remove back hair from a man who was allergic to other depilation techniques.

Kapil’s swift hand does quick work of my brows, which are admittedly spotty from too much tweezing when I was younger. The pain level is about what you’d get from tweezing, but produces a much finer result. After a scant 10 minutes in the chair, I left with the brows of my dreams (I don’t have very exciting dreams, okay?)

Hibba recommends that you get your brows threaded once every three weeks or so, in order to maintain the original sculptedness of the brow. I will definitely be back.