Some Jerk Is Making A List Of The Ugliest Women In Politics

Today in Stuff I Almost Don’t Want To Write About Because It Just Gives Them More Attention news:

Eric Golub, a “neoconservative comedian” and blogger for the conservative newspaper Washington Times, wants everyone to know he is writing a list of the 10 Ugliest Women in Politics. But don’t get your panties in a bunch, you oversensitive prisses with silly concerns about women being judged only on their looks — Eric Golub’s list of the 10 Ugliest Women will only include women whose character is ugly. 

Golub, who also blogs under the moniker Tygrrrr Express, wrote a column in June about the Top 30 Hottest Women In Politics. The response to that list, as Golub describes it, was mostly positive; some women thanked him publicly, some women thanked him privately. Why any of these women degraded themselves by thanking a man-sized adolescent for including them on his “hot list” is a question for another day.

(And since this always comes up in the comments when I criticize “hot lists”: I personally am not wild about “hot lists” when the lists are about people who are not famous soley for being attractive; The Frisky does some of them, although I personally choose not to make them. But then again, I am probably one of the “hideously ugly feminists who had no chance of making the [hot] list anyway,” so what do I know about anything?)

After his smashing success, Eric Golub now plans to make a list of politics’ ugliest women. He writes:

The perpetually enraged feminists never grasped that the list of most beautiful women was about inner as well as outer beauty. The women were physically stunning, but also accomplished. Brains are sexy, and those women for the most part had brains in abundance.

The ugliest women are not being graded on their looks. The perpetually enraged feminists can sit down and stay silent for once. This competition is totally about character, substance, empathy, warmth, and other qualities lacking in these women.

So for those who want a list filled with cheap shots at Madeleine Albright, Janet Reno, and Janet Napolitano, go somewhere else. None of them come across as malicious, and malice is ugliness in its truest and purest form.

I, for one, am so relieved. “Over-privileged, upper-middle class white [girl] with zero life experience or history of oppression” that I am, I automatically assumed such a list would be assessing women for their bone-ability for heterosexual males. Silly me for thinking this would be just another example of some white, middle-class conservative-leaning asshole who feels threatened by the-times-they-are-‘a-changin’, so he needs to put the ladies in their place by reminding them they’re only as valuable as their sexual power. You sure fooled me!  My mistake.

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