Sex Fetish For Summer: Pool Toy Looners

I feel it is my duty to let you know when I learn of sexual fetishes you might not have been aware of. Just in time for summer, LA Weekly has the scoop on balloon fetishists. “Looners,” like to blow up (“blow to pop”), sit on (“sit to pop”), straddle, wear, hug or hump balloons for sexual gratification. There are two distinct camps in the looning community: “Poppers” and “non-poppers.” The “poppers” are aroused when they’ve ridden or played with their balloon to the point of explosion, while non-poppers become attached to the inflatable as a sexual partner. OK, with me so far? You may have already heard about balloon fetishists, but what you might not have known is that this fetish may extend to inflatable pool toys (animals, pool rafts, tubes) as well.

As one pool toy looner (“non-popper”) Aphorx reveals, “Since I was a young child, it was my dream to have an inflatable dolphin with a SPH (strategic placed hole). But there wasn’t anything to buy and only few people tried it. So I started to make my own SPH’s.”  Another looner (“popper”), Buster Steve says, “I like to straddle or lay across a giant balloon while it is inflating and feel it grow beneath me, lifting me off the ground and holding me suspended in mid-air, while I hump away against it, fearing it bursting, sending me to the ground.” So, consider yourself informed and keep a close eye on your pool toys this summer. [LA Weekly]