So, About That Malware Warning…

Hey there! So yesterday, as I’m sure you noticed, there was a big ol’ mean-looking malware warning on The Frisky, urging you not to proceed lest you run the risk of your computer catching a virus. Our tech team was actually able to remove all the malware rather swiftly — by 11 a.m. EST — but it took Google until laaaaaate last night to remove the warning. We’ve put extra security measures in place and tech is looking into what happened to ensure that this doesn’t occur again. (Personally, I think either the Church of Scientology, “men’s rights activists,” or Julia Allison is the culprit. Or all three working together!) I wanted to assure everyone that we take things like this very seriously. I ate an entire carton of ice cream in frustration last night. So seriously, thanks for your patience yesterday!

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