“Into The Gloss” Is Poised To Become The All-Inclusive Mecca Of Beauty Addicts Everywhere

As resident beauty fiend among beauty fiends (my product collection has surpassed hoarder status and shows no signs of ever stopping), I find the Internet to be the most conducive medium by which to feed my addiction. I will always keep close to my heart the shiny, aspirational aesthetics of glossy magazine beauty spreads, but hello, there’s like three pages of them, and the internet just has such an infinite wealth of knowledge and experience — especially where sources like Into The Gloss are concerned. This treasure trove hardly needs my recommendation given their immense success, but I’m going to give it anyway, especially in light of their recent renovation: in September 2010, former Vogue stylist Emily Weiss took her passion for beauty and combined it with her your-coolest-prettiest-worldliest-friend editorial voice and aptitude for sharp, unnerving photography (reminiscent of a decidedly less pervy Terry Richardson), then got all of her famous fashion-world friends in on it. I mean, where else can you find Beth Ditto’s beauty secrets, personal, behind-the-scenes looks at fashion shows, and insight into the life of a beauty editor, all in one place?

For a little while I thought of Into The Gloss as an insider-y (poorly-kept) secret haven, but as of Sunday the site has a fresh new layout that is sure to attract viewers by the multi-millions, not to mention a new staffer whose hire certainly stirred up some buzz in the magazine world: Elle’s former fashion news editor Nick Axelrod departed the print to work alongside Weiss, who also happens to be his best friend. (Now that’s what you call clout.) So if, like me, your heart beats for beauty and how it relates to fashion, from Bumble and bumble to backstage at Balmain, haul ass to Into The Gloss. [Into The Gloss, photo via Emily Weiss]