Gamer Couple Meets For First Time In 5 Years, Won’t Let Each Other Go

I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry after watching this couple embrace each other for an excruciatingly excessive amount of time. I feel a huge amount of secondhand embarrassment for having what I presume is someone’s friend videotape their first schmoopy moment. But my heart also melts when they kiss for the first time after five years in a long-distance relationship. Allow me to explain…

After meeting in a Halo 3 game lobby and deciding two years later to start a long-distance relationship, the couple kept their spark glimmering through video games, Myspace, and Facebook conversations. When their virtual chatter began to take flight, the two gamers decided to take their friendship to a whole new level with their first Skype date. It was then that they decided to start playing the complicated game of long distance love.

Since this long-awaited meeting in the airport took place, the couple has met at least two other times, and has decided to tie the knot. Yes, you heard me. They’ve met up about three times, and are ready to commit their lives to each other. Now is that just not the cutest thing ever? [Or is it, um, crazy? — Editor] [Huffington Post]

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