Bones Of Real Life Mona Lisa May Have Been Unearthed

The model in Leonardo da Vinci’s famed Mona Lisa painting, named Lisa Gherardini, may have been discovered buried underneath a convent in Florence, Italy.

Gherardini became a nun after her husband’s death, and died in the convent in 1542 at age 63.  After digging in the Convent of Saint Ursula last year, the archeological team found a woman’s skull five feet under the convent’s original floor. The dig halted due to a lack of funds, but the team found a human skeleton this week. Now the team will compare the DNA in the bones with the remains of Gherardini’s two children buried nearby.

When the skull and bones are verified to be Gherardini, the team will then try and reconstruct Gherardini’s face to see how it compares to da Vinci’s original Mona Lisa. Discovering the woman behind the Mona Lisa smile would be groundbreaking, to say the least! [Daily Mail UK]

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