Analysis Released On Status Of Women Of Color In The U.S.

  • The Center For American Progress has released an analysis on the status of women of color in the United States, which had some disconcerting findings, such as that WOC are more likely to occupy lower-paying jobs than women of other races, which leads to $434,000 in lost wages over a lifetime. Also, WOC make up 53 percent of the medically uninsured. [Madame Noire]
  • Female troops who were sexually assaulted at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, have taken the stand this week. [Washington Post]
  • The Mississippi Department of Health has inspected the state’s lone operating abortion clinic. It now has 10 days to issue findings that will determine if the clinic is allowed to stay open. [CBS News]
  • Iconic feminist activist Gloria Steinem is leading a campaign to push the New York City Council to vote on a bill that would require businesses to give their employees paid sick leave. The absence of paid sick leave disproportionately affects women, Steinem said, because mothers are most often the parent to stay at home with a sick child. [New York Times]
  • The website got hacked by 4chan and filled with headlines about cocksucking and rape. Very mature, guys. [BuzzFeed]
  • Wheaton College, an evangelical college, has joined several Catholic colleges in lawsuits against the piece of Obama’s health care reform that requires insurers to cover preventative care, including birth control. [Think Progress]
  • Also, a Nebraska judge has thrown out a similar lawsuit. [Think Progress]
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