Yahoo’s New CEO Marissa Mayer Is Seven Month’s Pregnant

Today in Ba-BOOM! news: Yahoo’s newly-appointed CEO Marissa Mayer, former VP of Google, is seven months pregnant. With a baby. Seven months pregnant with a baby and running a huge company. I know, right?

According to the blog SFist, Mayer kept the information that she was pregnant hush-hush during her negotiations for Yahoo’s top spot. (Why she kept it hush-hush is unclear; Forbes looked into it and legally, she was not required to disclose that info and they were legally not allowed to ask her.) Apparently no one has noticed her slowly growing belly as she’s appeared at public events. In June, Mayer revealed her knocked-up status to Yahoo’s board and reportedly no one gave a shit. “They showed their evolved thinking,” Mayer told Fortune. Mayer was appointed yesterday and announced publicly her pregnancy three hours later; she started her new job today. She also told Fortune that her maternity leave will be “a few weeks long” and she will “work throughout it.”

Marissa Mayer may well be the first-ever pregnant CEO of a Fortune 500 tech company. In October, she may well be the first-ever CEO of a Fortune 500 company who nurses her newborn son while on a conference call. That’s truly excellent news for women, especially in the business and tech fields that have a bit of a bro-tastic ethos to them.

Yet we shouldn’t assume this means the glass ceiling has been shattered and just because Mayer “made it,” ergo all women have “made it.” She’s just one woman. And a very financially prosperous one at that: Mayer and her husband, investment banker Zachary Brogue, have the kind of money to pay for nannies/daycare that the rest of us can only dream about. They are both extremely privileged in terms of their class status and education, which surely affects how far their ambitions have taken them. That’s important to remember, even as we celebrate her professional accomplishments.

But anyhoo. Mazel tov to her on both accounts. And as much as I hate referencing a random commenter as my outgoing observation on this post, somebody on SFist put it rather succinctly: “Meh. I expect Yahoo! poops itself and cries all night far more than any baby.”

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