Women Score Higher In IQ Tests, Win Battle of The Sexes Once And For All

The victory bell has been rung and the battle of the sexes can come to a close once and for all. (Just kidding!)  A new study has found women are now surpassing men on IQ test scores.

In the past, women have straggled behind men on IQ tests. However, a study conducted by New Zealand-based researcher James Flynn, an IQ testing expert, found women are scoring on average five points higher.

The study collected data from 500 men and 500 women, mostly under the age of 18, from Argentina, South Africa, Estonia, Australia and New Zealand. All had taken the standard IQ test called the Raven’s Matrices or the Raven test.

Of course, one study does not definitively confirm that all women are smarter than all men (which would be a misandrist argument). Also, the IQ tests studied were mostly from teenagers, whose brains are still developing. And of course there is the notion of what “smarter” even means. But the results of this study do show us that the increasing number of opportunities available to women are helping them not only close the IQ test gap between the sexes but seize more educational opportunities available to us.

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