This Woman Considers Rocks “The Ultimate Comfort Food”

Hi. Confession time. I have a strange little obsession with Pica, a disorder which causes a person to crave and eat inedible substances. I’ve been trying to understand it since Pysch 101. It’s been linked to iron deficiencies, neurological problems or chemical imbalances but it can also just be an acquired taste. So basically anything can cause you to wake up one morning and start craving roadkill like this pregnant woman. WHAT?  FRIGHTENING. We’ve seen and heard about quite a few people with this disorder thanks to TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.” There have been toilet paper eaters, couch cushion munchers and bathroom cleaner lickers. But the latest Pican (please indulge me and let me tell you about yet another) to share her story is 45-year-old Virginia woman Teresa Widener who has a fondness for chomping on rocks.

“Everyone has bad days,” Teresa explained. “When I have one, only rocks can make me feel better … I pick the ones I like the look of … I like their earthy flavor so sometimes I just suck the mud straight off.” Her favorite rocks are the soft ones, but if she’s in the mood for a boulder, she has a special hammer she uses to break down her favorite snack. “I feel better just knowing the rocks are there … Like [the ultimate comfort food], they’re there for me when I’m upset.” Since marrying her husband Jim, Teresa reports to having reduced her rock intake because Jim makes her so happy. FASCINATING. NEED TO KNOW MORE. [Metro UK]