The Pettegola Is A Weird Bodysuit For Dudes

So, remember those leotard/bodysuit shirts that were mega-popular in the ’90s? Well, it seems that unbeknownst to us, dudes have had their own version of that shirt for like, forever.

It’s called the Pettegola (which means “gossipy woman” in Italian) and it’s a men’s shirt with a tail that is meant to be brought between the legs and buttoned on the front. The idea is that this accoutrement allows for a perfectly tucked shirt — one that won’t come undone unless you absolutely need it to.

Of course, this conjures a hilarious image of men unbuttoning their man leotards in order to pee at a urinal. And as Simon Crompton at the blog Permanent Style notes, the shirt was way more popular in the days when men never undressed in front of their wives and girlfriends.

According to Italian shirt maker Gianni Cleopazzo of Sartoria Vergallo, only a few customers request the bespoke detail anymore. [Permanent Style]