Marion Cotillard Rises High Above The Rest At “The Dark Knight Rises” Premiere

The cards are stacked undeniably in Marion Cotillard’s favor, but she always manages to surprise me with her impeccable sartorial choices. It’s incredible how one woman can go so long without wearing anything boring or even erring on the questionable side: she kills it, and she’s so believably dynamic that it’s never like, “oh, it’s just Marion in a fantastic dress again.” It’s jaw-dropping every time like it’s the first time. She often chooses Dior for events, given that she’s one of the faces of the brand (like a girl really needs a reason to wear Dior), and in my opinion she wears it better than anyone. This frock, a delicate combination of a fitted, ’50s-inspired bodice and a frothy ruffled skirt, is beautifully swan-like (in no way reminiscent of Björk’s O.G. swan dress), but it’s the fierce shoes that really (quite literally) hammer it in. Check those bitches out. They’re an unlikely pairing for such a ladylike little dress, and that’s what makes the whole look thoroughly awesome.