Marion Cotillard Manages To Score Three Magazine Covers For August

If you’ve doubted Marion Cotillard’s star power at any point in the past few years since she starred as Édith Piaf in 2007’s breathtaking “La vie en rose,” now would be the time to reconsider. Not only has the pretty Parisian appeared in several films since then, but she’s directly atop the radar at this very moment with her role as Miranda Tate in the highly-anticipated “The Dark Night Rises,” out July 20. In light of her current (and, it should be said, totally deserved — she is a truly brilliant actress) Hollywood ubiquity, Marion scored not one, not two, but three magazine covers this August: Vogue, Vogue Paris, and Marie Claire UK will broadcast the Oscar winner’s beauty — and, with the curious exception of Vogue Paris, her equally recognizable beauty mark — on newsstands next month.

To be honest, I’m a little bit disappointed by all of them. Marion is the rare actress who also happens to function as an equally effective model, with a transformative face that, while unfairly beautiful by nature, can also wear the hell out of makeup, and a lithe, healthy frame that kills it in incredible clothing; these covers have done nothing to highlight just how versatile she actually is. Oh, well. As long as she’s getting this kind of coverage, I can’t complain. Check out the full covers below, and tell me which one is your favorite!

(Also, I can’t write this without mentioning that I spotted Marion in Madison Square Park with her boyfriend and their son a few weeks ago. I literally said to my French friend, “Check out that really hot homeless guy with that pretty girl and adorable kid.” She was like, “Are you joking? That’s Guillaume Canet.” Oh.)